The 4 Best Cheap Tig Welders for the Money – Reviews 2018

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When it comes to welders, nothing can compete with a TIG. They create high-quality beads that are barely visible, making your project look fantastic. Additionally, these units are precise and efficient, letting you get the job done quickly and without any error.   When you own a TIG welder you have the power to make perfect welds.

Because of how effective they are, many people make the mistake of thinking that TIG welders are expensive. But this isn’t true at all. While there are some expensive versions out there, you can still get a good unit at a reasonable price.  Below you’ll find multiple options to fit every need and price range. You’ll discover the best cheap TIG welder as well as some premium options.

Stanley Power 119 120-volt 80-Amp DC Inverter Stick Welder

This is a great entry-level TIG unit. It’s compact, affordable, and efficient. This Stanley can weld all kinds of metal, including stainless steel, and will do it in a single pass. This is great if you have a wide variety of different tasks to tackle. Plus it’s fast enough that you can get your welds finished even if you’re under a tight deadline.

Another nice feature is the unit’s size. The Stanley welder is fairly small, making it easy to transport. This is great if you own a large property or need to make repairs in an out of the way area. Instead of having to bring whatever needs to be fixed into your shop, you can take your welder out to work on the project.

Overall, the Stanley is a great choice for anyone in need of a welder and one of the best small Tig welders period. It’s capable of fixing almost anything while still being lightweight enough for you to move around.

LONGEVITY 721405557523 Stickweld 140

Big things often come in little packages. And the LONGEVITY 721405557523 Stickweld 140 (see full specs) is no exception. Like the two previous welders, this product is all about being portable, versatile, and powerful  while weighing a mere 13 pounds.  You can pick it up and take it almost anywhere without breaking a sweat.

Performance wise, this unit isn’t too shabby either. It can take care of a lot of tasks and it is compatible with 6013 and 7018 stick welding rods. It runs at a meaty 140 amps, allowing you to make repairs and finish up most projects with ease.  If you’re planning on doing home repairs, this is one of the best cheap TIG welders period.  Pick one up if you want a portable device that can still tackle most tasks.


When you’re looking for a high-end welder at an entry-level price, this is an excellent option. The EVERLAST PowerARC 140 gives you the ability to make masterful welds with ease. Offering up a stable DC arc and power efficient design, this machine is incredibly easy to use. There are no hiccups and you’ll never have to fix something because of a random glitch. Unlike other welders, this one offers up an amazingly smooth experience.

What’s more is that the EVERLAST PowerARC 140 (see full specs) comes equipped with a special “hot start” feature. This enables you to make cleaner welds and reduces your changes of making any mistakes. Plus there’s even a built-in digital display that lets you save your settings and use them again and again, which is perfect for large scale projects.

This is a phenomenal tool that makes welding fun and simple. You can craft consistently great welds without having to worry about making any mistakes. Save yourself from having to redo welds. Use the EVERLAST PowerARC 140 instead. It’s one of the best TIG welders for the money.

LOTOS TIG140 140amp DC TIG/Stick TIG Welder

Many times, when you buy a welder you don’t get all the accessories. As a result, you have to buy items like the torch and the ground clamp separately. This causes you to spend way more than you might have anticipated.

With the LOTOS TIG140 you get everything you need at a great price. This unit includes the stick as well as all the other accessories. You can start using everything as soon as you get it unpacked and there’s no need to run out and buy extra equipment.

The unit comes equipped with a TIG stick and stainless and ferrous steel as well as numerous other metals. You can also work with a variety of different metal thicknesses, such as 18 gauge all the way down to quarter inch. This lets you tackle all manner of projects, big or small.

Lastly, the LOTOS TIG140 is very portable. Take it wherever you need to make repairs. This is nice because it allows you to work from whatever location you’d like to. And it saves you from having to lug heavy objects back to your shop so that they can be fixed.

If you want a good all in one welder that handles almost any project, this is one of the best cheap Tig welders on the market. The LOTOS TIG140 is a great tool for anyone looking to take on a diverse array of different repairs.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of great welders on the market. Some, such as the The Stanley 41118U IPER E169, are good for people who want an inexpensive unit that they can use to make occasional welds. Others, like the extremely efficient EVERLAST PowerARC 140, are build for professionals and hardcore builders who need that extra level of consistency and perfection.  No matter what your needs may be, there’s a best cheap TIG welder that can meet them.

P.S. If you have your own welder recommendation, feel free to leave a comment. Your advice could help someone to find what they need, and we’d love to hear from you.   

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