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If you don’t have an electrician’s bag, you are going to lose your tools. When you’re working on something it’s easy to set an item down and forget about it. Oftentimes you won’t even notice until the next time you need to fix something. By then your missing tool is as good as gone.

An electrician’s tool bag can prevent this problem. It gives you an easy place to store all your equipment. You use what you need, but it back in the bag, and have it ready for next time. Nothing disappears or gets misplaced and there’s no need to track down missing tools.

While these bags are great, there are a lot of different options available. Some are inexpensive, some have more room for extra tools, and some are made from premium materials. You need to figure out which is the best electrician tool bag for you. In order to help narrow your choices down, here are 4 great bags that you can really benefit from:

Custom LeatherCraft 1509 21-Pocket Zippered Professional Electricians Tool Pouch

This is a great bag for storing all your tools, testers, and equipment. With the Custom LeatherCraft 1509, you get 21 different pockets, zippered flaps to keep everything contained, and durable design crafted from hardy 600D polyester fabric.

On top of this, the bag has special areas that are specifically designed to house certain tools. There’s a cool little back pocket that’s meant to hold your writing pad and an outer area to hold your phone along with several screwdrivers.

Despite being able to hold an incredible amount of stuff, this tool bag is surprisingly light. It weighs a mere 2.6 pounds when empty. You can carry your gear around in this without a problem. This is one of the best electrician tool bags for the budget-minded.

Custom LeatherCraft 1579 20-Inch Open-Top Soft Sided Tool Box

Unlike other tool carries which are designed to be as small as possible, the Custom LeatherCraft 1579 is pretty big. In fact, it’s about the size of a duffle bag. This is great if you have a lot of equipment that you want to bring with you.

What really makes this bag so great is the sheer amount of stuff that you can carry in it while still staying organized. The unit has special metal inserts that can be added so that your gear can all stay separated while you bring it to the work site. Additionally the tool bag has plenty of wide spaces where you can keep larger tools and bigger equipment.

If you have a lot of tools that need to be transported, the Custom LeatherCraft 1579 is perfect for you.

Custom Leathercraft 526 Electrician’s and Maintenance Tool Pouch, Top Grain Leather

This tool carrier has a few unique things going for it. The first is that it’s made from real leather. The second is that it has a boxy shape that makes it incredibly difficult to tip over. And the third is that got 17 deep pockets to hold all your tools as securely as possible.

The Custom Leathercraft 526 Electrician’s and Maintenance Tool Pouch is designed to last forever. Being made out of leather, it will hold up a lot better than most nylon bags. Also, the seams on this carrier are riveted together with steel platting. You can drag this bag through anything and it will still hold up.

The design also houses the tools in a way that makes it very difficult to knock the tool bag over. There’s a very low center of gravity here so even if you accidentally bump into the bag it’ll stay upright. Finally, the tools themselves are stored in special pockets that make them easy to access while still being space efficient. There’s a main area for bigger gear and then smaller divided sections for smaller equipment.

If you want a durable (and damn good-looking) carrier that’s near impossible to knock over, this is the best electrician tool bag for you.

VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag

Every tool carrier on this list is great, but the VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag is in a class of its own. This has all the best features of the others and then some. There are over 50 pockets for you to store your tools in, weatherproof fabric that keeps the bag in perfect shape, and a five year warranty just in case something happens to your carrier.

This tool bag has a whole slew of pockets for storing your stuff. You get 51 vertical pockets, an additional six pockets with zippers, and a special mount to hold your electrical tape. That’s enough to house a huge arsenal of tools. You’ll never have to leave anything behind because of space constraints.

The bag itself is very durable and resilient. It’s made from a combination of 1,800 PVC impregnated denier and 3 mm polypropylene, making it completely waterproof. Even if you have to work in a damp environment your bag will still hold up. It’s not going to get damaged or become moldy. And on the obscenely off chance if it does get water damaged, the five year warranty lets you get a replacement at no extra cost.

If you want to mother of all carriers, the VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag is just right for you.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of great tool bags on the market. The come in a wide range of styles and sizes, accommodating all kinds of needs. Some, like the Custom LeatherCraft 1509, use a simple design. Others, such as the VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag, have all kinds of elaborate features and storage areas.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find the best electrician tool bag that’ll suit your needs. All of the carriers listed above are great products that can make transporting your tools into an insanely easy task. You can get your gear to the job, complete your work, and bring everything home with no hassle. It’s perfect.

P.S. If there’s a particular electrician’s tool bag that you enjoy, let us know in the comments. Your suggestions could help other readers to find what they’re looking for.

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  1. I am extremely happy with this CLC bag. I use it for various tools but mainly screw drivers and pliers. I do wish the interior pocket had some dividers but with it being open I am allowed to store larger tools. Over all the bag is well made and well worth the money.

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