The 4 Best Dehumidifiers for Garage – Workshop Reviews 2024

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Dehumidifiers for garages will keep your workshop, storage space, and cars free of moisture. In fact, dehumidifiers are crucial for a garage. Air moisture accelerates the rusting process in metal, and it also saturates wood to make it soft, flimsy, and unreliable. Plus, humidity attracts all kinds of pests into your garage that wouldn’t nest somewhere that’s dry.

So if you value your garage or workshop (and what you have in it), it’s smart to invest in a quality dehumidifier. We’ll cover some of the best you can find online and wrap up the page with a few pointers on how to pick the right product.

Here are our reviews for the 4 best dehumidifiers for garages and workshops on the market:

Keystone KSTAD50B 50-Pint Portable Dehumidifier for Garage / Workshop

The Keystone KSTAD50B 50-pint portable dehumidifier is the ideal workhorse for a larger garage. This dehumidifier can dry up to 3000 sq. ft. at a time, clearing 50 pints (6.25 gallons) in a day. Plus, it comes with a 6.4-pint bucket to store any water between when you turn it on and when you clean it out.

This garage dehumidifier also features three settings, a dust filter, and a continuous draining option. This last feature lets you hook up a small hose to the dehumidifier and drain it directly into a floor receptacle or external area, like a flowerbed.

Best of all, this dehumidifier has a set-it-and-forget-it memory, allowing you to program the times you want your dehumidifier to work and when you want it to rest. And if you ever need to move it around your garage, you can just push it on its four rolling casters!

If you want an affordable, convenient, and powerful dehumidifier for your garage, pick up the Keystone KSTAD50B portable dehumidifier!

hOmeLabs Dehumidifier 70 Pint Dehumidifiers for Garage / Workshop

The hOmeLabs 4000 sq. ft. dehumidifier is a simple and convenient unit that covers just about any need you could have for a dehumidifier.

First, this unit (see full specs) takes care of 70 pints of moister (8.75 gallons) per day, and it doesn’t stop there. This dehumidifier also scrubs the air of your garage for odor, minimizing that common musty, gasoline-filled scent that almost every garage has.

Like the first dehumidifier on our list, this hOmeLabs unit is completely portable, easy-to-clean, and intelligent. It automatically shuts off when its bucket fills, and if you want it to run continuously, you just press a button and hook up a drainage hose! Plus, this dehumidifier can work in a room up to 4000 sq. ft. large, which is far larger than most commercial garages, let alone residential ones.

This hOmeLabs is, without question, one of the best dehumidifiers for garage workshops, especially if you also want a deodorizer in addition to the standard features of your run-of-the-mill unit.

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Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier for Garage / Workshop

When it comes to cooling and dehumidifying, nobody knows their stuff better than Frigidaire. The Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier scrubs up to 8.75 gallons of moister out of your air every single day while keeping its fan ultra-quiet (51 dB).

This dehumidifier is specifically made to help keep your garage free of mold and mildew, which is essential during heavy summer rains or flowing winter runoff. Conveniently, that means this dehumidifier also eliminates airborne bacteria that can make it difficult to breathe. Altogether, that means this unit keeps your garage or workshop a clean and healthy place to work!

If you want to keep this unit running 24/7, you can actually flip a low-power switch that significantly decreases the energy drain on the unit. With that, you can keep your garage at a low and steady humidity level without worrying about mold suddenly sprouting on the walls.

The Frigidaire is among the best garage dehumidifiers for the money, especially for anyone with a strong brand loyalty or a nice enough budget to keep a house garage dry, safe, and clean throughout the year.

AlorAir Dehumidifier for Garage / Workshop

The AlorAir basement/crawlspace dehumidifier is an ultra-high powered unit that you can use to keep any garage almost entirely free of airborne moisture.

This garage dehumidifier comes with every bell and whistle you could ever need to completely customize the humidity levels of your garage. It scrubs 198 pints per day (24.75 gallons) and has a condensate pump to maximize its internal water storage potential. This unit also comes with internal corrosion protection to ensure it lasts for as long as possible, even against harsh conditions.

Speaking of harsh conditions, this garage dehumidifier is one of the few that comes equipped with a defrosting system, not to mention a full-fledged remote control function that lets you customize settings from a distance. On the flip side, this dehumidifier is loud. That’s because it’s so powerful and complex that it makes a lot of noise, which means it works best in large garages.

If you have a one-car garage that you want to house a dehumidifier, do not pick this one. The AlorAir dehumidifier is professional-grade equipment, and if you use it in small quarters, you’ll barely be able to hear yourself think.

Which Garage / Workshop Dehumidifier Is Right for You?

When you’re picking a garage dehumidifier, you have a few factors to figure out what you need.

First is square footage. Do you need a standard home dehumidifier to work with your single-car garage? Or do you have a 4000 sq. ft. garage bay that can hold half a dozen cars? The space you need to control will factor heavily into which humidifier you want.

The second factor is where you live. A mechanic living in the Florida Everglades is going to need a much, much stronger dehumidifier than someone living in Anchorage, Alaska. The natural humidity of the area will simply be too much in Florida for a standard dehumidifier, and a high-grade unit in Alaska is just overkill.

Third is price. What can you afford, and what can you afford comfortably? If you’re the kind of person who wants to immediately feel the price of what you just bought, then a high-price dehumidifier isn’t for you. You don’t want to buy the AlorAir unit (see full specs) and then say to yourself “This doesn’t feel like an expensive dehumidifier!”

So which is the best dehumidifier for garages and workshops? Well, check out our list and find the best one for your personal needs! Good luck.

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