The 4 Best Catalytic Converters – Aftermarket Brands Review 2023

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Replacing a catalytic converter is both important for your car and also expensive. This is why when you are searching for a converter for your vehicle you choose one that will be made of materials that will last you for a long time. You also want to make sure that you purchase the right converter according to the year model and make of your vehicle. You want to also make sure that the correct size is chosen to fit your current exhaust configurations.

Listed are our recommendations for the 4 best catalytic converters on the market:

Magnaflow 99205HM Universal Catalytic Converter

This universal catalytic convertor is designed to increase horsepower as well as torque. It is made of high quality stainless steel that will almost insure a long-lasting lifetime. It is backed with a 25,000-mile or a 5-year warranty. With a weight of around five pounds it will not add a lot of extra weight to your performance vehicle. The small 14”x 5”x 5” compact size will allow for installation in many compact areas. The universal installation will allow this convertor to be installed on just about any vehicle and is surely among the best catalytic converters for the money.

Walker 16370 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

This is another medium priced convertor. The Walker convertor is a direct fit convertor so you will need to be sure to order the right fit for your make and model of vehicle. It is designed for OBDII 1996 or newer vehicles.

The direct fit flange to flange design bolts to your existing exhaust system. Stainless steel construction will give you the durability you will need for any application. The thick OE style flanges are enhanced for strength. They are also engineered for specific vehicle emission specifications. The weight of this convertor is about seven pounds. The 21” x 10” x 5” may be a little large for certain installations. Be sure to check your vehicle specifications before you purchase, but if it fits your vehicle, you just purchased one of the best aftermarket catalytic converters on the market.

Flowmaster 2230130 223 Series 3″ Inlet/Outlet Universal Catalytic Converter

For a low-priced option, this Flowmaster offering would be your choice. The design of this convertor is designed to give you excellent flow of your exhaust. This is also another choice for a universal installation that is legal in 49 states. Additionally, the high quality of this convertor comes from being manufactured in the United States.

Being constructed of stainless steel, this converter is a rugged product that can take the punishment. This is one of the lighter convertors available with a weight of around 3 pounds. The product dimensions are approximately 18”x 9”x 4.5” and will accommodate almost any application with the universal offering of this product. If you are looking for a quick fix to the problem at a good price this is your choice of the best catalytic converter brand.

Walker 16468 Ultra Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

This is another direct fit catalytic convertor so make sure that you purchase the correct fit for your make and model. The Walker 16468 is a higher priced offering. This convertor is also designed for OBDII 1996 and mewer vehicles.

The flange to flange direct fit designs will bolt to existing exhaust systems. Constructed of a stainless steel body along with an aluminized body with heat shields will help this converter stand up to the great warranty provide by the Walker company. The 7 pound weigh makes it a good choice for performance applications without adding a lot of extra weight.

With dimensions of 16”x 8”x 5” it is also a not so big that it would crowd your undercarriage. Thick OE-style flanges, hangers, and brackets are enhanced for strength. Even at the higher price this product will do the job and is one of the best catalytic converters period.


Make sure the catalytic converter you choose will give you a long-lasting cure to the exhaust issues as well as boosting the performance of your vehicles. Also, boosting the performance of your vehicle will not only make it last longer but it will also help to cut your fuel cost. The performance you receive for the price you pay is a good reason why the four above catalytic converters were chosen.

What also made these converters stand out from the rest are the great reviews. Another way to get the most from your converter is by having them installed by a professional who knows what they are dealing with. Not only is this an important part of the performance of the converter, it is also essential, especially if you want your converter to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty should be another consideration when you choose the converter.

Another great thing that should be considered before you purchase a converter is what type of material your converter is manufactured with. Stainless steel converters may be higher priced but they will give you a longer lasting converter because of the stainless steel being resistant to rust and other elements such as the exposure to salt water. Not only are you exposed to salt water near the coastlines but if you live in a area of the country that is exposed to winter conditions a lot you will also be exposed to the salt that is place on roadways to prevent freezing and icing on the roads. If you are affected by these conditions be sure to spray and clean the bottom of your vehicle to clean the salt residue from the converter.

I hope that this article has helped you in making the right decision when purchasing your next catalytic converter.

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