The 4 Best Tube Notchers on the Market – Reviews 2024

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The right tube notcher is crucial when you want to do a good job in anything from plumbing to a pet project with PVC. Tubing notchers — also sometimes called “pipe notchers” — are some of the most specialized tools that you can find in a garage.

A tubing notcher works by holding a section of tube or pipe in place while you drill a hole into it, typically with a circle saw or at least a circle saw bit. This cuts a “notch” into the pipe that you can use as a major point for a pipe junction. With that capability, you can create an entire network of interconnected tubes and pipes that work the way you need them to work. You could be replacing old, worn water pipes in your own home. You could be rigging up a makeshift irrigation system for your backyard farm.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best tube notchers on the market:

Woodward Fab 2” Pipe and Tube Hole Saw Notcher

The Woodward Fab 2” pipe and tube hole saw notcher is a super-specialist tool that’s ideal for cutting into any tubing or piping. This hole saw notcher cuts 2” diameter holes in whatever pipe you need, ensuring you have a permanent, clean junction point right where you need it. The whole unit is designed to stand up to regular use, even in industrial settings, and it’ll let you make accurate, consistent notches every time you use it.

In addition, this tubing notcher is designed to accommodate curved tubes or pipes up to 40 degree angles. Any harder of an angle will require an L bracket or square to ensure a steady, straight cut. For the price, it’s one of the best tubing notchers around!

DeWALT D180005 14 Piece Tube Notcher Master Hole Saw Kit

The DeWALT D180005 14 piece master hole saw kit contains every hole saw drill bit you could need to cut custom notches into tubes and piping!

This master kit comes with 11 hole saw drill bits of different diameters that plug right into your cordless drill. That lets you take these drill bits anywhere and cut notches in whatever sized pipe you need without the limitations of a standalone, immobile specialty unit.

Each bit is designed with a deep-cut profile so you can cut as much (or as little) into a tube as you want. They’re all made of high-grade steel as well to prevent dulling, rusting, and deteriorating. The same goes for the quick-change mandrel, large mandrel, and replacement parts that come with the kit!

Plus, when you’re done with your drill bits, they all fit right back into your case so you can take them anywhere you need.

Bosch HDG11 11-Piece Diamond Hole Tube Notcher Saw Set

The Bosch HDG11 11-piece diamond hole saw set is the long-term, durable solution to turning your cordless drill into a portable tubing notcher! This set comes with 10 hole saw bits, a mandrel, and an autostart pilot that makes it easy for you to cut custom holes in any pipe or tube you need.

The teeth on these hole saw bits (see full specs) are vacuum-brazed with diamond to keep them sharp even after repeated use, and they’re made of high-grade steel to prevent warping. In addition, each bit has offset teeth to reduce flying debris and heat that builds up during drilling. The pilot bit also makes it possible to start a fresh-drilled hole anywhere on a pipe for a fast, clean cut with every use.

This kit also comes with a convenient carrying case so you can haul your drill bits and mandrels wherever you need them—all of which, of course, make this one of the best tube notchers for the money.

Baileigh TN-250 Tube Notcher for Use with Hand Held Drill, for 1” and 2-1/2” Pipe

The Baileigh TN-2509 tube notcher is a standalone tool that’s designed to hold tubes and pipes in place while you cut a notch using a cordless drill. While it’s more or less a glorified paperweight for use with tubes and pipes, it’s a must-have specialty tool for anyone who frequently works with pipes and tubes.

This tube notcher (see full specs) comes with a simple winch system to hold your pipe in place. Once it’s secured, you can use your cordless drill and an appropriate bit to cut a hole for a pipe or tubing junction. The whole unit is made of steel for long-term durability, and it’s sure to make any pipe- or tube-related work you have go much more quickly.

To work correctly, this unit requires mounting on a workbench. Once you have it up and running, you’re sure to cut through all of the raw materials you need in no time!

Baileigh TN-250 Tube & Pipe Notcher with Radial Vise Tubing Notching Pipe Coping Machine

Which Tubing Notcher Will Work Best for Me?

To answer this question, you need to answer a couple others first.

First, how much are you going to use your tubing notcher? If you’re looking for light use then don’t shell out for a dedicated pipe notcher unit. Instead, go with one of the circle saw kits we discussed and use it in conjunction with your cordless drill. Besides, a circle saw kit can work for a ton of different applications — not just tube notching!

Next, how much are you looking to spend? If you already have the right drill bit that you want to use, maybe you can get away with buying the cheapest dedicated tube notcher (at least for the time being). If you find that you need to add more options to your toolbox later, you can always get some circle saw bits for a cordless drill at another time.

Finally, do you see yourself needing to do this in the future? If not, then don’t worry about getting a long-standing, durable product. You’ll do just fine with a few drill bits or a cheap, dedicated tubing notcher.

So which one of these products is the best tube notcher for you? Check out our list to find out!

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