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So what is a low profile jack? Well, have you ever watched a NASCAR race? You will notice one of the crew members run around the car with a jack that lifts it up in the air to change the tires; there is very little room to get the jack under the car, hence the name and function of this jack.

Low profile jacks are not only handy for just doing pit stops with a race car either. They are also popular with mechanics, roadside tire changers, and even for people to have around their home workshops. It is a great advantage for anyone who needs to lift a car or anything else for that matter, to have a jack that only needs 3 – 4 inches of clearance to get under an object.

Here we’ve reviewed what we consider the 4 best low profile jacks on the market:

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

Not only is it handy to have a jack with a low profile but it is even more handy if that jack can handle 2 tons of lifting. This model not only lets you lift an object that is 2 tons or less off the ground but it can take that object as high as 14 inches; that is enough to easily do such things as change a tire on a vehicle, boost a transmission into place, or even lift up a log so you can brace it before cutting it up.

Another nice feature is, despite its rugged heavy duty steel construction, it is still fairly portable because it weighs in at only 30 pounds. That type of construction will help it last a long time and the manufacturer backs the product with a full 90 day money back guarantee. Additional features are a sturdy handle to help you carry the jack to where you need to use it and a unique safety device which protects the low profile jack from being over-pumped or if you are trying to lift too much weight. This is surely one of the best low profile jacks around.

Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

Not only does this jack by the well-known manufacturer Arcan work well, it also comes in a stylish shiny black color too. This high end jack is used mainly by professionals in their shops because its beefy steel construction and sixty seven pounds of weight make it less than portable. But, then again, if you need to lift the whopping 3 tons it can handle, portability is not what you are looking for anyway.

Although this particular low profile jack (see full specs) may seem expensive, if you compare apples to apples, you will find it to be an excellent value compared to similar models in its class. Not only does it help you lift heavy objects easily, but it does it under the highest safety standards as this rugged beauty easily passes the 2009 ASME PALD standard for jack lift safety. That is a nice peace-of-mind to have when you are lifting unusually heavy objects.

Three-Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift

This low profile jack is an affordable model made by the reputable Pittsburgh Automotive Company. It is impressive because it can lift up to 3 tons in the blink of an eye with its rapid handle pump. The pump design features what is called a “dual parallel pump system” that enables any user to get the object being lifted into the air with a few effortless cranks on the handle.

It also features a very extra wide wheel base for stability; that is something that every buyer should look for when it comes to being able to safely operate any jack. There is a unique universal joint release built right in also that helps the operator to be able to very precisely control the desired jacking height.

Even the handle on this nice piece of equipment is well designed with its two piece construction. It has a knurled steel handle that ensures a tight grip when jacking and also has a foam protection piece so it will not accidentally scratch or dent whatever you are lifting. The features show that the company put a lot of thought into what jacks should do before they sent this one to the design table.

JEGS Performance Products 80006 Professional Low Profile Jack

This stunning looking and performing jack is a little on the pricey side but it is money well spent if you need a quality 2 ton, low profile jack. It was designed based on the high performance jacks that professional racing teams use. Not only is it sleek looking but, for as sturdy as it’s built, it only weighs 49 pounds. That makes it rugged enough to handle the toughest jobs, yet portable enough that you can take it a lot of places with you.

Other features (see the model’s full specs) include the ability to lift an object over 19 inches and it is made of lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum. It is another model that has a two piece handle that is fully protected with a foam sure grip padding to ensure anything being lifted is not scratched or dented. This jack makes an excellent addition to any home or professional auto shop, and is easily among the best low profile jacks for the money.

Safety Considerations with Low Profile Jacks

Remember jacking an object off the ground can be very dangerous and even deadly if not done right. Never go under an object being lifted until it has been properly secured with jack stands, wheel chocks and other means of “sturdy and stable” support. It is an activity that requires total concentration at all times and should not be attempted while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you do your lifting safely and you do it by using any of these fine quality jacks, you will be able to successfully complete your lifting tasks over and over again. Shell out what you can afford, and you’ll wind up with the best low profile jack for your needs. Good luck!

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