The 4 Best Lift Kits for Dodge Ram 2500 – Reviews 2024

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So why get a lift kit for your Dodge Ram 2500? Simple: you want to squeeze a little bit more performance out of it. Or maybe just level out that unsightly factory tilt. There’s something out there for everyone so it’s just a matter of determining what you need.

Whether you’re looking at competition or aesthetics, we’ve brought you a wide variety of different lift and suspension kits designed to fit your truck. Looking for the right lift kit for your Ram 2500? We’ve got you covered, no matter what you’re planning on doing.

Below are our reviews of the 4 best lift kits for Dodge Ram 2500 trucks on the market:

Supreme Suspensions – 2.5″ Front Lift Kit for 1994-2012 Dodge Ram 2500

Some people just want to get the front raised up, and you could do a lot worse than using this kit from Supreme Suspensions. For our money, the 2.5” lift is pretty much perfect, considering the fact that it’ll perfectly level a 2500 in order to remove that factory stance. This kit is available in a wide variety of sizes so you’ll be able to place things exactly how you want.

They’re simple, bolt-on risers that are made of carbon steel. They’ll last as long as your truck and maintain an even quality of ride due to their superior construction. Best of all, they’re super cheap while maintaining great quality.

2011 Dodge Ram 2500 | 2.5" Front Leveling Kit Install Tutorial

Performance Accessories (60123) Body Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 2500

This is a three-inch lift kit which comes complete with all of the parts you need no matter which options you went for with your truck. There’s a lot to be said for that extra bit of versatility and the entire kit comes in at a great price as well.

The focus here is on maintaining a smooth ride while still giving you the lift that you’re looking for. Three inches is just about perfect for road performance or light off-roading (see full specs), but be aware that this all-around kit will leave the geometry of your truck at factory standards. That means it’s not going to level you off, but if you’re fine with that then you’ll have a smooth ride with an extra bit of clearance you’ll love.

Rough Country 3-inch Suspension Leveling Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 2500

Of course, it’s hard to talk readily available lift kits without bringing up Rough Country at some point. They’re some of the best bang for your buck available and the kits come complete. You’ll be able to handle your suspension as well, in order to avoid any dangerous alterations in your ride.

This particular three inch lift kit is designed for 2003-2010 4WD 2500 Rams. You’ll have your suspension leveled out, the body raised a good three inches, and maintain a smooth ride with high-quality nitrogen-charged shocks if you opt to use it. For street use, these are among the best lift kits for Dodge Ram 2500 trucks period.

Rough Country – 392.23 – 5-inch Suspension Lift Kit w/ Premium N2.0 Shocks for Dodge: 03-07 Ram 2500

For off-road usage, you want some serious additions to the clearance of your vehicle. Rough Country delivers again with a 5-inch suspension lift kit that does more than just pull the body off the ground. Coming complete with nitrogen-charged shocks, this kit is designed for Dodge Ram 2500s with a 2003-2007 make, and it’s only for those with 4WD.

If it fits, however, you’ve found the perfect matching of price point and performance for the most part (see full specs). It’s great all around, especially for those who are looking to have some fun off-road. You may want to get something a bit lower if towing is your primary concern, of course, but for fun, it’s hard to beat this kit.

Rough Country 5 inch Suspension Lift Kit

Get the Best Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 2500 Trucks

For the most part, we recommend doing more than just picking up spacers and blocks when you’re going for a lift. Unless you just want to even out the factory stance.

That’s what makes lift kits so handy: you’ll be able to get the extra suspension parts you need along with the blocks and braces. Keep in mind that if you do opt for blocks and spacers that you can drastically change how your truck handles without having the extras to compensate. That can lead to a top-heavy, sometimes iffy ride.

For the streets, we recommend either a leveling kit or just a three inch lift. Especially if you’re planning on towing other toys at some point in the future. The extra clearance will still allow for some more extreme four-wheeling without changing the center of gravity on the truck drastically.

On the other hand, for extreme off-road uses you’ll want at least five inches. The extra clearance is awesome. Just make sure that you’ve got the suspension to handle things as well or you’re going to have an odd-handling truck with a higher chance of rollover.

Pre-Made Kits

The biggest reason we recommend pre-made kits instead of piecing the parts together from other sources is for those who are trying to save money. We’ve all seen a truck with a six inch lift that wobbles all over the road and looks like it might be a roll-over risk when the owner gets out of it in the parking lot.

A large part of that comes from trying to save money. You’ll still have the “look” but you’re also going to end up with a ride that ranges from rough to outright deadly. It’s just not the way to do things if you’re planning on enjoying your truck.

The other part is saving time on equipment selection. Kits are designed to work together so it saves you a lot of research and differing shipping time.

Of course, experts may be able to make something work fantastic and save money, but that really depends on if you have the hours of time and years of experience to develop a kit yourself.


There are a ton of inferior lift kits out there for your Dodge. Instead of risking it, why not work with one of our favorites? The best lift kits for Dodge Ram 2500 trucks are right at your fingertips; you just need to spend the money to get them. A bit of install and you might just wonder how you ever did without them Good luck!

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