The 4 Best Leveling Kits for Silverados – Reviews 2024

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The best leveling kit for Silverados is the one that’ll give you that sleek, straight look in your truck without any of the factory-made rake that’s included in default models. No matter what pickup you buy, you’re always going to have some slant in the base of your truck, which is called “rake.” This is also true for Silverados. The issue is that Chevy Silverados look a lot stronger, proud, and all-around better when they’re leveled!

Leveling your truck isn’t easy. But with these leveling kits for Silverados, you can make your pickup truck look like the ride you always wanted, regardless of how it rolled off the assembly line!

Here are our reviews of the 4 best leveling kits for Silverados on the market:

Chevy Silverado Leveling Kit, YITAMOTOR Leveling Kit 2″

This Chevrolet (Chevy) leveling kit is designed to even out the rake of your Silverado by 2” in the front. This kit comes with everything you need to quickly and easily get the front of your favorite workhorse off the ground and looking great: two billets, four bolts, four bolt heads, and four washers.

The billets are made from aircraft-grade aluminum for outstanding durability and tensile strength, and the heat-treated 10.9 bolts keep the billets in place at all times. Plus, each bolt comes with an anodized surface to prevent corrosion and the spread of rust throughout repeated, long-term use.

This kit works best with the Chevy Silverado 1500, though it’s also compatible with other models.

If you want an affordable, fast, and easy way to lift the front of your pickup, this leveling kit is your answer!

Rough Country (1307) 2″ Front End Silverado Leveling Kit

The Rough Country (1307) 2” front end leveling kit is the branded, affordable, and effective way to level your Silverado pickup.

This front end leveling kit comes with lower strut mount extensions and all the installation hardware you need to make your truck look great. Specifically, the kit comes with two billets, four bolts, four bolt heads, and four washers. And while this Rough Country kit is designed primarily for Chevrolet Silverado 1500s, it also works with other pickups. (However, please note that this kit is not compatible with the classic 2007 Silverado.)

Installation with this kit is a snap. There’s no disassembly needed when it comes to your pickup. All you have to do is work the billets into the right position and install the bolts. That’s it!

Overall, Rough Country estimates that seasoned mechanics can get this kit installed within a couple hours, while greener hobbyists will have to spend about five hours getting everything in place. Regardless, that’s a small price to pay, which makes this one of the best Silverado level kits for the money.

2010 Chevy Silverado Leveling Kit Install

MotoFab Lifts CH-2.5-2.5″ Front Leveling Lift Kit for Silverados

The MotoFab Lifts CH-2.5-2.5” front leveling lift kit is a Chevy and GMC double threat for leveling out the front of your favorite pickup truck. This kit is the genuine article, and it’s guaranteed to lift the front of your truck by 2.5” for a level, smooth ride.

The lifts in this MotoFab kit (see full specs) are made out of powdercoated aluminum. The powdercoat is black to ensure that the kit matches the factory-made suspension in your pickup. There’s no strut or coil assembly required, and the kit includes two round lifts and six bolts.

Because of the simplicity of this kit, you can install everything in about two hours, probably less! That goes for someone who’s leveling their Silverado for the first time, too.

But the best part about the MotoFab leveling kit is that it works for an entire generation of Silverado trucks (and then some). It’s compatible with Silverados from 2007 through 2018!

You might pay a little more for this leveling kit than the other two on our list (though prices fluctuate all the time), but it’s worth the cash. Installation takes no time, and the parts are all designed for long-lasting durability.

2.5" Motofab Leveling Kit Install on my 2018 Silverado!!

MotoFab Lifts 3″ Front, 2″ Rear Leveling lift Kit for 2007-2017 Silverado

The MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R 3” front and 2” rear leveling lift kit is an outstandingly simple kit for the amount of work it achieves.

This lift kit comes with everything you need to level out the front of your truck by 3” and the back of your truck by a complementary 2”. Altogether, you bring your truck to a perfect level plane for a smoother ride and better look, and the truck itself is raised higher than factory height! That’s a win-win.

This leveling kit (see full specs) includes two lifts, six bolts, four brackets, two rear lifts, four nuts, and four washers. All of this equipment is easy to install with hand tools, and the lifts themselves are powdercoated black for long-lasting durability. Plus, they match the color of your factory suspension, which is always a nice touch!

Overall, you can install these parts onto your Silverado (2007-2018) in about two hours. Simple, easy, and effective—this should be in anyone’s book of the best level kit for Silverados.

3" motofab leveling kit + Snow fun!

Which Leveling Kit Is Right for Your Silverado?

To figure out the best leveling kit for your Silverado, you have to answer a few questions for yourself.

First, what year is your Silverado? This will determine which kits are compatible with your pickup. If you don’t see your pickup’s year listed, don’t buy the kit! Not all Silverados are made exactly the same.

Next, look at price! How much do you actually want to spend on your pickup, and what quality are you willing to buy? Some of these kits will require you to shell out, while other ones could fit pretty much any budget.

Third, look at the materials used. Do you trust the kit’s components to safely keep your truck level and resist the corrosion that comes from constantly driving a high-torque American pickup truck?

Fourth, check out the installation time estimate. Do you have time to do this? Are you going to be able to dedicate a good two hours to getting your truck in the garage and back on the road? In a worse scenario, will you have three, four, or five hours? Figuring that out will let you determine whether you want to spend a Saturday morning or a whole Saturday leveling out your Silverado.

With all of this in mind, you’re ready to get the best leveling kit for Silverados. Check out our list and good luck!

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