The 4 Best Jacks for Lifted Jeeps – Reviews 2024

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Why get a jack made for lifted Jeeps? Because Jeeps are already manufactured with a ton of clearance between the bottom of the chassis and the road itself — usually between 8” and 10”. When they’re lifted, jeeps (especially Wranglers) can get an additional 3” to 6” of clearance.

That means your lifted jeep could be a maximum of 16” off the road! Still, 16” isn’t always enough to get under your jeep and get some work done. If you really want to go hardcore and customize your ride from the inside out, then you need a jack that’ll get your jeep off the ground. That’s a tall order — no pun intended — and it’s an order you need to fill with a safe, reliable jack. Luckily, we’re here to help so . . .

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best jacks for lifted Jeeps on the market:

Pro-Lift B-004D Hydraulic Bottle Jack for Lifted Jeeps

The Pro-lift B-004D hydraulic bottle jack is a simple, affordable, and automatic method to raise your jeep off the ground.

This hydraulic bottle jack is designed for jeeps that are lifted up to 14”. The jack itself is capable of extending to a full 15 3/8”, meaning it won’t hit the height of a jeep that’s already lifted to its maximum clearance off the ground.

Still, this jack can support up to four tons of weight at a time, and the hydraulic assistance makes it easy to raise and lower your jeep safely. It comes with a steel lifting saddle for reliable durability, and it’s even heat-treated to withstand critical stress at key points in the jack’s structure. Best all, this jack is made to meet all ANSI / PALD standards for maximum safety.

If you just need a jack to occasionally get your jeep off the ground, this is your best bet. It’s cost-effective and small enough to fit in any garage, making it perfect for the jeep owner with a vehicle with 8” to 14” of clearance.

Powerbuilt 640912 All-in-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack for Lifted Jeeps

The Powerbuilt 640912 all-in-one bottle jack is the handyman’s dream when it comes to lifting and prepping a jeep for modification. This jack is a great choice for anyone with a jeep that’s lifted to 16” (or higher, depending on the model) since it fully extends to 18 5/8”. While those extra 2 1/2” may not sound like much on paper, they can make a huge difference when you’re working on the body, chassis, or wheels of your jeep.

The Powerbuilt all-in-one jack can support up to three tons at a time, and its safety bar quickly and easily locks into your desired height. The body is durable enough to stand up to the rugged environment of the common garage, and it combines the power of a jack stand and a bottle stand into one unit. It also meets all ANSI standards for legally compliant safety needs.

While this jack is probably best in a hobbyist’s garage, it could be useful in the garage of a small business mechanic. The biggest bonus of this jack is its outstanding maximum lift height of 18 5/8”, which gives you a ton of room to work with—and makes it one of the best jacks for lifted Jeeps around!

Powerbuilt 3 Ton All-in-One Unijack Jackstand Bottle Jack in One

Alltrade Powerbuilt 640422E Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack for Lifted Jeeps

The Alltrade Powerbuilt 640422E heavy duty triple lift jack is a commercial-grade solution to getting your lifted jeep off the ground. With a maximum lift height of 18 1/2”, you’re getting an additional 2” of work room underneath your jeep — even when it’s already modified to the maximum recommended height!

This jack is mounted on wheels for convenient portability, and saddle has a large surface area for safe operation. The whole unit is capable of holding up to 4 tons at a time as well, making it perfect for most jeep models.

A locking bar quickly lets you secure your lift in place whenever you need it, and it’s ANSI-compliant to keep you safe while you work. With all of these features packed into one convenient jack, you’re more likely to see this jack on a racetrack or pit crew than a hobbyist’s garage. Still, it’s a smart buy for anyone who wants a safe and simple way to lift their jeep a few extra inches!

Powerbuilt Triple Lift Floor Jack

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack for Lifted Jeeps

The Blackhawk B6350 lift service jack is the fast, durable, and convenient way to get your jeep up off the ground. This floor jack has the highest extension measurements of any jack on our list with 19 1/2” maximum lift, meaning it’s perfect for just about any lifted Jeep.

The heavy-duty metal construction ensures this jack lasts year after year, but it also makes the jack incredibly hard to move around. Fortunately, it’s mounted on wheels so you can slide it from place to place in your garage. It also comes with a swivel-saddle for easy positioning and an internal safety valve for extra reliability.

After all, when you’re working under a jeep, you can never be too careful!

This is a floor jack model that you’re more likely to see in a professional setting, but it’s perfectly at home in anyone’s garage. Still, the price point may make you think twice before purchasing this durable, reliable, and heavy-duty jack, but if you’re willing to shell out the dough, this is one of the best jacks for lifted Jeeps period.

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48” Black Cast and Steel Jack

The Hi-Lift HL484 48” jack is one of the tallest and most robust jacks for lifted Jeeps on the market.

This jack is made of a mix of cast and steel parts that combine to create a convenient, safe, and strong lifting tool. It’s also the only jack on this list to come with a top winch connector clamp that ensures this jack securely lifts your jeep with an absolute minimal risk of slippage.

The two-piece handle is incredibly easy to use, and the whole unit is fitted with safety stickers so that even a newbie can jack a Jeep like it’s a breeze. Best of all, this jack actually comes with a shear bolt that prevents it from lifting beyond its weight capacity of 7,000 lbs.

If you want a jack that’s safe, convenient, easy to use, durable, and incredibly tall, the Hi-Lift Jack H484 jack is perfect for your lifted jeep! Will you pay a little more? Yes. But the peace of mind and long product life are worth the up-front cost.

Hi-Lift Jack Operating Instructions

Which Jack Is Best for a Lifted Jeep?

At the end of the day, only you are qualified to make a call about which jack works best for your Jeep.

If you need something fast, simple, and easy, go with the Pro-Lift model. It can’t go to the extreme height of a max-lifted jeep, but it’s still something to get a typical jeep a few more inches off the ground.

The PowerBuilt jack is a good all-arounder that’ll work with just about any jeep that’s been custom-lifted. It’ll be cumbersome to move, but it provides the sturdy reliability you need from a jack.

The Alltrade jack is the first one on this list that’s suited to frequent, professional-level use. It may not be intended specifically for Jeeps, but it’s mobile, fast, strong, and convenient. Plus, the saddle has an enormous surface area for increased safety, which is always a plus when you have mechanics working on the job. (It’s also a plus to give your family a little extra peace of mind whenever you’re working under your jeep!)

Last, the Blackhawk floor jack will raise your jeep nearly 20” off the ground, giving you a ton of room to work on the engine, chassis, wheel wells, and more. It’s a simple model that’ll work in just about any condition and environment, and it’s designed for super-heavy-duty longevity. If you want a hardcore, heavy, long-lasting unit, this jack is going to give you years of reliable use for your lifted jeep!

So which is the best jack for lifted Jeeps? Well, if you have a maximum-lifted Jeep, go with the Blackhawk. If you just need something use occasionally, the Pro-Lift is probably more your speed.

Find the right jack for your needs from our list now! Good luck!

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