The 4 Best Winches for the Money – Reviews 2018

best winch for the money

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When you need to move something heavy, you’re going to want a winch. Whether you want to drag fallen trees, lift up a heavy object for repairs, tow a vesicle, or do any number of other tasks, a winch can help. However, not all winches are created equal. Some can lift several tons while others can only move a few hundred pounds. Depending on your needs, you’re going to have to pick carefully.

When you’re looking to tow equipment and haul material, you want the best winch for the money. Below are 4 different units that each has its own unique advantage. There’s something for everyone (and even more online for you to gawk at).


This winch can move objects that weigh up to 1,200 pounds. You can lift a lot of appliances, building materials, boats, sporting equipment, and debris with it. Additionally, this is a hand winch. That means you can operate it without electricity or fuel. As long as you can crank the handle, you can move things.

As far as durability goes, you get 65 feet of heavy duty aircraft cable, there’s nothing that’s going to snap that. And the winch itself is strong too. It utilizes a zinc-coated steel frame that makes it incredibly hardy. As long as you don’t overburden it, this winch will perform just fine.

This is a great winch for anyone who wants to move around objects that are too heavy to carry, such as lawn mowers and light fishing boats, but not so big that you’ll need a motorized tow cable. The TEKTON 5552 is very affordable and a great value for anyone who just needs a good winch for some occasional projects. It’s one of the best winches for the money.

Superwinch LT2000 12V Utility Winch

If you want to move heavier materials, the Superwinch LT2000 12V Utility Winch may be right for you. This unit is capable of lifting up to 2,000 pounds. It uses an 8 horsepower motor and nearly 50 feet of 5/32-inch cable to haul material. You control all the action with a simple two button remote, allowing you to move material safely and efficiently.

As an added bonus, this winch can be mounted to an ATV in case you want to use it for moving brush, hauling outdoor equipment, or clearing trees. You can hook the unit up to a DC battery in order to use it wherever you are. And the whole thing is light enough that it won’t bog you down.

This is a great winch and one that’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or people who needs to take care of some heavy lifting and wants to do so in a safe and controlled manner.

Champion Power Equipment 14560 Wireless Remote Power Winch Kit

Do you need to move really heavy stuff, like cars? If so, the Champion Power Equipment 14560 Wireless Remote Power Winch Kit is right for you. This unit can move up to 4,500 pounds without a problem. With close to 40 feet of galvanized aircraft cable at your disposal, you can tow almost any object you want. The unit is super strong and there’s not too much that it can’t handle.

Even a lot of cars and vehicles can be moved by this winch without any issue.

The winch also comes equipped with a wireless remote control that lets you control everything while staying safe. You also get a two year warranty in case anything goes wrong. And comes with a universal mounting channel that lets you attach it to your car, truck, or ATV.

If you’re serious about moving things and have some big objects that need to get shifted around, the Champion Power Equipment 14560 Wireless Remote Power Winch Kit is perfect for you. It has power, can move thousands of pounds, and is incredibly easy to use. If you want tough, this is one of the best winches period.

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch

Finally, the toughest hombre is here. This winch here doesn’t mess around. It can move up to 9,5000 pounds worth of materials, enabling you to tow pretty much anything and everything. The Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch (see full specs) can meet all your moving needs. It’s strong, tough, durable, and easy to control. Plus, it’s also waterproof.

This winch uses a three stage planetary gear system and has an amphibious motor. It’s also armed with a fully waterproofed 500AMP solenoid. Even if it gets wet, nothing bad will happen. Smittybilt, the manufacturer, is so confident in their product that they’ve issued a lifetime mechanical warranty and a five year electrical warranty. If anything goes wrong during this time, just tell the company and they’ll set things straight.

When you want a high-quality winch that’s waterproof and built to last forever, look no further than the Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch. This unit can take care of all your heavy towing and move dense objects in wet or watery environments. If you want to haul a boat, or happen to live near a body of water, this is an essential tool for you. It’s powerful and built to take some serious abuse. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of this investment.

Closing Thoughts

If you own a home, or land, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to move something heavy at some point. It could be a tree that’s fallen down in your yard, or a boat that you want to take out fishing. No matter what the circumstances, you’re going to need something strong enough to tow this object. You need a winch.

Whether you’re doing some occasional moving, and don’t want to spend a whole lot, or are hauling stuff around on a daily basis, there’s a winch that can meet your needs. Inexpensive units like the TEKTON 5552 provide great value to people who don’t have much to move, while bigger models allow users to haul thousands of pounds without any difficulty.

Whatever your needs are, there’s a winch that can help, and we hope you’ve found the best winch for the money for your needs here. Good luck!

P.S. If you have any winch suggestions or would like to add something, feel free to leave a comment. Your suggestions and insights just might help someone else to find the tools that are right for them. Plus we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I’ve actually been looking for a winch for my truck. You never really know when you need to tow someone out of mud just like here in this video. Also, it will be nice to be able to tow people who get stuck in snow. Thanks for sharing these options with me!

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