The 4 Best Mowers for 3 Acres – Reviews 2018

best mower for 3 acres

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One thing is for sure and that is if you have around 3 acres of land to mow then you don’t want to tackle that project with a push mower or even those that include self-propelled models. No, no, no, you want to be like Forrest Gump sitting carefree and happy in his riding mower. And if you don’t want a riding mower, you can get a pull behind mower.

Those are pretty much the only 2 choices, including you have some sort of muscular superpowers we’re not aware of. So, without further ado, here are our picks for the 4 best mowers for 3 acres on the market.

Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower, 61-Inch

This nice mower from Husqvarna is the priciest one on our list but after you see all of its features you will realize it is worth every penny. One of the best things about it is it has what is known as a zero turn radius. That means you can make extremely tight turns to mow even in even the tightest of spots such as around trees. It is a great feature to have on any type of lawn mower.

The mower (see full specs) is powered by a 27-horsepower engine too that is made by the reputable Kohler Company. That means you can move along pretty quickly when you are cutting your lawn and still have plenty of power going to your blades. It has a large 61-inch cutting deck and the blades on the mower are engaged electronically for smooth operation that leads to long lasting mower life.

It also features a very ergonomic control panel that places everything at your fingertips and it is designed so well that you can even mow in reverse. This Husqvarna model mower would be an excellent choice to easily and quickly handle mowing 3 acre lawns.

Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

Now, we quickly go from the most expensive mower on our list to the most affordable choice but don’t let that fool you. This great little riding lawn mower from the popular Troy-Bilt Company made our list for a reason and that is because despite its low cost it’s still a great mower. As a matter of fact those people that own it and wrote reviews consistently rated it as a near 5-star product. And we’ve found nothing when looking at the Troy-Bilt 420cc mower that would make us think otherwise either.

The mowing deck is smaller than some of the other mowers on the list but it’s still a good 30 inches wide. It has a six speed transmission and its 420 cc engine can move you along at over 4 miles per hour when the mower is engaged. It also features an 18 inch turn radius that will let you mow in some very tight spots. This mower even has 5-blade deck height settings so you can easily mow even the thickest of grasses if you set it higher.

There is definitely much to like about this unique and affordable riding mower. It’s like the best mower for 3 acres if you’re on a budget.

Poulan Pro 967330901 P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP

If you want a highly rated zero-turn radius mower that is not priced quite as high as the Husqvarna model we reviewed, then this is the choice of mower for you. The quality starts with the motor on this Poulan Mower. It features a 22 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine and it’s a company that is known for producing long lasting, quality small engines. It supplies plenty of power to move the mower along and still have plenty left over for cutting the grass.

The mower (see full specs) also has a very generous 46 inch cutting deck which will move you along pretty good as you tackle your 3 acres of mowing. The mower deck is steel reinforced and comes with a hefty ten year warranty. It also features 18 inch tires that can tackle any type of uneven terrain and an electronic clutch for smooth engagement of the mower deck. This should be on anyone’s list of the best mowers for 3 acres.

Swisher FC14560BS 14.5 HP 60-Inch Electric Start Tow Behind Finish Cut Mower

This is a great pull behind mower made by a reputable equipment company called Swisher. It is a highly rated model by those that have used it and after taking a look at it we would have to concur with them. We had it rated very high in almost every category that we observed.

What is there to like about it? Well, for starters if you are going to mow an area as big as three acres then you want a wide mowing deck. This nice little unit has one that is a full 60 inches wide. That will drastically cut down on your mowing time for the huge area that you have to cut. The mowing deck is wide but will still make a nice smooth and even cut across your lawn.

There are many other features to like about the Swisher FC14560BS too. It features an electronic start 14.5 horsepower engine; that is a lot of engine power for only having to move a cutting blade. That is enough cutting power to take on even the thickest patches of grass. It even comes complete with a remote kill switch for safety.

The only drawback with this unit is that you have to own a separate tractor or ATV of your own in order to use it. But if you have one of those, well, we’d recommend this as among the best mowers for 3 acres that we could find.

Quick Mower Shopping Tip

If you have a three-acre area of lawn to mow, chances are it is not going to be entirely smooth and flat like a small lawn. That means your mower deck is going to be subject to a lot of bouncing and some slight banging against the ground at times. So make sure you get a mower that has a solid steel welded mower deck to ensure it will hold up to the rigors of mowing a large lawn.

There is a lot to choose from in the marketplace as far as mowers that can handle cutting lawns up to 3 acres in area. The ones featured on this will all be more than capable of doing a nice job for you. Good luck!

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