The 4 Best H7 Bulbs – Brightest Headlights Review 2018

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Headlights don’t get a whole lot of love from those who own their vehicles, but they’re an integral part of the automotive experience. By replacing your headlights with something brighter you can increase both safety and convenience since you’ll be able to see quite a bit further down the road. H7 bulbs are one of the common types, and there’s a surprising amount of options available for those looking for an upgrade.

We’ll show you 4 of the best H7 bulbs around and then help you decide which one is just right for you.

HELLA H7 12V/55W Halogen Standard Bulb

If you’re looking to go with just a standard halogen lamp to replace an old bulb and aren’t necessarily worried about getting a major upgrade then these are what you’re looking for. These halogen bulbs are cheap and readily available, making them the ideal replacement for those who just want to get back on the road with less hassle.

HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit -H7

Those looking to maximize the brightness of their H7 bulbs are going to want to go a different route than using a standard halogen bulb. This LED conversion kit is one of several that are easily found in the marketplace, and these ones are bright.

They come in at 9600 lumens (see full specs) and their plug and play nature means that you can quickly and easily make the upgrade even if you don’t have extensive automotive knowledge. If you want the brightest H7 bulbs, these are an absolute winner if a bit on the expensive side.

Auxbeam F-S2 Series H7 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

LED conversion kits don’t have to be super expensive, and this kit comes in at a reasonable price if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of brightness and durability. Coming in at a combined 8000 lumen, this kit is still a remarkable upgrade over standard headlights while using a reasonable 72W of power.

They’re not the brightest kit available, but the significant advantage over a regular bulb will be apparent as soon as you get them installed.

Rigidhorse H7 80W 8000lm 6500K CREE LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit

The Rigidhorse is a respectable option, with some advanced cooling features and a remarkable 8000 lumen combined. They’re well into the “daylight” end of the color spectrum, coming in at 6500K as well (see full specs) which can avoid some of the issues people have with brighter LEDs being “too white.”

The cost is middling, but it’s a fantastic bargain for those who are looking for a way to maximize the light in their vehicle.

Choosing the Best H7 Bulb Upgrades

It can be a bit hard to find the exact upgrade you’re looking for at times. While you can just replace your H7 bulbs for remarkably cheap, those who are looking for the brightest really should use an LED conversion kit to get the most for their money.

The higher upfront cost can be a bit steep, even a cheap conversion kit can cost as much as eight times what a standard bulb will cost but the advantages offered by them are pretty stark. If you plan on going with a conversion kit, you can expect some serious upgrades in the following areas.

Raw Light

Light used to be measured through the wattage of the bulb, but this isn’t necessarily true when we get into LEDs. They simply offer more light per watt of power than any other kind of bulb on the market.

Most kits, rather than ramping down the power requirements to provide an equal amount of light to an inferior bulb use roughly the same amount of power as their halogen counterparts and provide an amazing amount of illumination.

Raw light is measured in lumens for LEDs; the higher the lumen count the brighter it will be.

Lifespan of the Best H7 Bulbs

This is where you’re really saving money. Even the cheapest LED is rated for around 30,000 hours. This makes the initial investment make a lot more sense since they’ll outlast any other kind of bulb by a simply massive amount of time.

The lifespan of most LEDs is fairly ridiculous. There’s one caveat to this, however, which is the fact that you’ll have to make sure there is some kind of cooling element. Heat is the only real enemy of this kind of light so be sure that whatever kit you use has a heat sink in order to dissipate the excess thermal energy within the relatively confined box of a headlight.

Color Temperature

While it can take some time to get used to them, the color temperature of LEDs is almost always superior to halogens when it comes to being able to see clearly. Most of these kits will fall into the “daylight” range of light, allowing for better perception of color.

Those which fall into the Xenon white category of color offer a further advantage: they’ll cause the lines on the road to light up even more clearly.

While it’s a far cry from the simple light offered by older bulbs, once your eyes adjust you’ll wonder how you got along with using halogens so much.

Picking Your New Lights

There’s a lot of variation in lights and kits, and it can make it hard to make a decision immediately. Bulbs are generally much easier to go with, since you simply need to find the brightest H7 Bulb around if you want an upgrade.

For a conversion kit, ask yourself the following as you look:

  • Does this fit in my budget?
  • Is the lumen count sufficient for what I want?
  • Does this kit have a built-in cooling mechanism?
  • Is this the right color temperature for me?

As long as you can answer all of those questions in the affirmative, you’ve probably found the perfect kit to make driving at night much safer and more convenient.

Seriously, try out an LED conversion kit. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to get the best H7 bulb around and they can make a serious difference in your on-the-road experience.

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